So what is the shortest to explain or the easiest Lucid Dreaming Techniques?

We all love shortcuts!

The approach upon awakening is the easiest. Working on the prospective memory can take time and can be tricky. Working with the approach from waking to sleeping state has many difficulties (WILD technique). At the beginning of the practice, we do not want to deal with this.

There are many ways to execute some actions on the verge of an awakening. But let’s take simple steps that will produce results.

Easy lucid dreaming technique – Upon Awakening.

Step 1 – Preparation of the INTENT.

You will need to think about everything that follows right before you fall asleep in the morning. We want you to fall asleep with the thought of doing a technique upon the next awakening. This part will work on your intent to act in the future.

Upon each awakening that you will capture during the night, you will execute a technique of your choice. It is better to avoid moving the body or opening the eyes. But if you did, you will still perform the techniques, regardless!

Step 2 – The actions to perform.

Step 2a – Teleportation (Assumed to be already in a dream).

The first technique will involve teleportation. Picture yourself somewhere else with all your senses. If within seconds you managed to appear there, you have no other things to do but to perform a reality check and continue with exploration.

Step 2b – “Stand Up” into the dream state (Assumed to be already in a dream).

If within 5 seconds teleportation did not work, we will attempt a “stand up”. Try to stand up from your bed, or move a limp without using the muscles. It will be a visualization exercise this time, but with a little kick of willpower applied as well. If any limp or part of the body dislocated, stay with it and do all you can to finish the “stand up”. You are holding your dream body at this stage. Perform a reality check, continue with your adventure, and accomplish your plan of action.

Step 2c – Easy lucid dreaming technique (inductions) – VISUAL.

If the “stand up” fails, try for 5 seconds to see something with your eyes closed. If you see something, stand up as usual – no visualization this time). 

Step 2d – Easy lucid dreaming technique (inductions) – SOUND.

If you see nothing, try to listen and detect a strange sound. If you hear an unusual sound, stand and perform a reality check, and afterwards, get on with the adventure. 

Step 2e – Reality Check (Your failsafe).

If nothing worked, conclude with another reality check as your last action. It happens that nothing works and, a final reality check confirms your presence in the dream state. If the reality check is positive, then BINGO!

Step 3 – Re-affirming the INTENT.

If the induction did not yield a lucid dream and confirmed to be in the waking state thanks to a reality check, we prepare the next awakening!

Similar to step 1, we re-affirm our intention to practice Step 2 upon the next following awakening. Do not neglect this step! As the night goes on, our awareness must anchor into the idea of us practising the induction of lucidity within the dream state. 

Final Word.

Please report in the comments below how this easy lucid dreaming technique has worked out for you.

Let’s make it fair, I want you to execute this 5-10 times, and report back to us, how many times you were successful.

Simple, right?



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