Balance is key! There is no long term practice without the proper physical support.

We do not think of health immediately when we want to practice shifting (lucid dreaming, out-of-body experience, astral projection or the phase). But soon comes a moment, when we will come to realize that there is not much that we can do if we do not feel good. This applies to any activity in our life besides the dreaming practices. The pain is capable to take all our attention, while the emotions associated with the unbalanced state of the body will provoke a number of reactions from our body. Once the havoc is in, the focus is out. And this is not what we want in our practice. Besides everything stated above, d


In China, families visit a doctor on a yearly basis for check ups. The doctor is prescribing some maintenance herbal mixtures etc. A doctor is considered as good if none of his patients fall sick. A bad one will have a number of his patients ill and soon enough he will loose all his clients. When I heard this story, it has brought a new perspective to me. Taking care of myself on daily basis (what I eat, and how my body is being exercised) – became one of the foundation stones in my life.


We all heard that. But with our busy lives we definitely do not have the time. Without health, we won’t be capable even to work to earn that money that keeps us busy. So taking time to change a few habits will dramatically change the outcome of our life in the near future and promote the healthy dreaming practices.


First of all we are in great part composed of water. Without water there is no exchanges between the cells of the body. If the information exchange is severed, I believe any kind of disease can take place. Most of us run dehydrated. And most of us do not know how to drink properly. Please do check on the benefits of drinking water first think in the morning on empty stomach. Adding lemon or apple cider vinegar in it is cleansing the liver and activating digestive system to name only these two. Drinking 2 glasses of water 30 min before any meal will make sure that stomach gets enough of juices to digest. While drinking too much water during the meal itself will dilute the gastric juices and provoke a poor digestion. So it is very important to drink  before the meals and any time 1h after meals. The color of the urine is telling the bodily state of dehydration so check on that.

Last info about the water is its purity. Many contaminants are being present. And I heard of one that sounds rather controversy in terms of health benefits which is Fluoride. There is a number of studies that can be found on the internet to show the negative effects of this chemical to our body and especially the pineal gland that is also called the master gland. This gland is responsible for dreams and is considered as the 3rd eye. It has all the appearance and functionalities of an eye but looking upward. Fluoride is calcifying this gland and preventing it form functioning optimally. (Do check on how to de-calcify  the pineal gland….chlorella, spirulina etc) But as water is being concerned, removing this contaminant can be done through reverse osmosis or some special filters. The filters are an investment in terms of price but its worth it completely as you won’t need to but bottled water anymore and will gain in general health which is the true wealth!

Another aspect of water is its memory. I advise to have a look at the work of Dr Masaru Emoto (video documentary below).

It is important to take the subject of memory seriously in the overall practice of Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection! 


In terms of evolution, it is not so long ago that we have come from the forest. In the forest we have been consuming a lot of food that was fresh and alive. Our body is reacting to the lack of alive fresh food by activating the immune system and recognizing the “not so alive food” as an external threat. A lot of processed food is really far away in terms of evolution to what our bodies are accustomed to consume. So to prevent that wastage of energy of the body to fight off the processed food, the trick is to mix it with enough of vegetables and fruits.

Below is a small video about the impact of food and diet on the practice of the shift: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection  & The Phase.


It has been noticed that healthy individual and especially individuals who practice a sport report a significant increase in spontaneous lucidity. The link between health and lucidity is not easy to establish as many other parameters can play a role as well. My theory is that maybe a healthy body has a healthy brain with a healthy blood supply that allows that chemical balance and electrical spark of lucidity to occur!

Over – exhaustion might not help as much as it will push the body to sleep deeper and lucidity may not happen but a regular moderate exercise is maybe the way to go! It is true as well that good tiredness can help as well with the capacity of falling asleep and hence facilitate a direct approach from the waking to sleeping state. But it is not a daily method hence we do not see it as a tool for the stable practice of the shift into  Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection.