What is Lucid Dreaming & what is Astral Projection?

A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he or she is evolving in a dream environment. In an ordinary dream, the dreamer has, to some extent, the logical thinking impaired and fails to recognize a dream.

Astral projection is the practice of consciously leaving the body with what the astral body, subtle body, mental body or the soul. Consequently, astral projection is a spiritual practice that often attracts religious beliefs and discussions. Check our FREE ONLINE ASTRAL PROJECTION COURSE.

Many discussions are going on about the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection.

The lucid dreamer’s argument: “It is possible to dream about anything including the astral projection”.

The astral projector’s argument: “Unless a person has experienced the astral projection, he or she will think it does not exist”.

Lucid Dreaming Course VS Astral Projection Course.

The standpoint of Youri Zaritski and Lucidity 4 ALL on that matter is a neutral one. The good news is that the techniques used to initiate a lucid dream or an astral projection are the same. It is the practitioner’s choice of how he or she wishes to engage with the practice.

The courses provided by Luciditiy 4 ALL will provide the technical foundation to lucid dream and/or astral project.

Our common ground of understanding will be the techniques, and this way, we will avoid all kinds of confusions and misunderstandings.

So if you are looking for a lucid dreaming course or an astral projection course or how to leave your body, you are in the right place!

Lucidity 4 ALL’s place in the lucid dreaming course & astral projection course.

Lucidity 4 ALL and Youri Zaritski, besides taking a neutral standpoint are also taking an open-minded route where everything is possible. After all, humanity has always evolved and has been wrong many times.

The belief of possession of the absolute truth is probably the most counterproductive, especially in the field of lucid dreaming and astral projection.

How to lucid dream or how to astral project?

Not so long ago, when a beginner has started to learn how to lucid dream or how to astral project, he or she would have faced a somewhat unclear knowledge base with cloudy instructions. We did not know much about what it meant to be lucid and what it required precisely. This confusion will probably always manifest to some extent to many individuals who will tend to fall victim to their imagination and its powers.

However, the confusion is over since early 2000. Much more detailed research gives now the techniques that work and can yield fast results even for the “difficult” apprentices.

The only necessary fundamental required to practice lucid dreaming & astral projection is a healthy sleep!


Yuri Zaritski is one of the rare persons in the world who will offer unlimited support and classes in an affordable package. Even entry level packages will give you opportunity to talk directly to Yuri as it is his passion and he always remains approachable! So, do not be shy to contact him.

Why learn how to lucid dream or how to astral project?

First of all, before venturing into learning how to lucid dream or how to astral project, it is a wise practice to evaluate the worth of investing our time, energy and money into a lucid dreaming course or an astral projection course.

Everything is possible in a lucid dream.

This sentence alone could be the answer. We often pay for holidays, adventures and experiences. Dreams can provide the same experiences and even better. There are certain things that we cannot perform in waking life due to limitations such as monetary, physical, moral and so forth.

In a dream, there is no issue whatsoever to dive into an alien planet’s ocean without diving equipment, meet an alien to have a meaningful telepathic conversation about the purpose of life. A disabled person could walk, run and even fly. Instead of visiting an animal in its habitat, we can become that animal.

The experience of lucid dreaming & astral projection is total.

Even our daily reality can appear “poorly juiced” as compared to a lucid dreaming experience. With the proper maintenance and deepening techniques, it is possible to remain longer in a lucid dream or an astral projection and have experiences that will seem more intense when compared to their waking counterparts.

Lucidity for lucid dreams & lucid life

Deepening techniques will anchor our lucidity in the lucid dream / astral projection. By maintaining our lucidity, we will appreciate the depth of the experience offered by a lucid dream. This practice becomes second nature for many practitioners who use it for their daily life too. Becoming more aware and lucid allows a more conscious appreciation of reality and what it can offer.

Who would not want to live a richer life or even accept to pay a fair price for such a life-changing upgrade?

Emotional & physical healing performed with lucid dreaming / astral projection.

Emotional & physical healing performed with lucid dreaming / astral projection.

We know now that our brain does not make a difference between a waking experience and a dreaming experience. Both happen similarly.

The placebo effect is on steroids in a lucid dream. Some scientists begin to compare a lucid dreamer working on his mental state in one given lucid dream with ten visits to the psychotherapist. In Lucidity 4 ALL, we have real-life cases of long term health issues recovered in one single lucid dream. This claim should not discourage anyone from meeting a medical professional as needed. Nevertheless, why not try the concurrent treatment with lucid dreaming and a conventional one?

Working on deep fears and long time traumas in a safe environment of a lucid dream presents numerous advantages besides being completely free.



Yuri‘s pedagogical style is demanding “in a good way”, as he incrementally asks his students to reproduce exercises, explain a thought process or an element of theory before getting to the next point. The advantage here is that there is no way for the participants in his workshops to “zone out” and be left behind as he keeps a constant, warm and benevolent pressure on the participants.

Robin Emery, Switzerland

As an experienced projector myself, you can believe that when i have questions, i need a real professional. Yuri Zaritski  is that pro. He is knowledgeable and passionate about this subject, and he loves to help others learn this subject. Anybody he takes as a student can be confident that they are receiving the best information. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the assistance i received!

Ray Fiala, USA

I’m in constant contact with Lucid Dreamers and OBE practitioners from all around the world. I’m also a practitioner and I can share with you that Yuri‘s guidance and knowledge in this field has helped me personally more than anyone else thus far. On our last LiveCast together, Yuri mentioned a few very simple techniques that worked for me that very night where for the first time ever, I projected into an OBE from a Lucid dream and as it happened, I could clearly hear Yuri’s voice. It was a wild experience. Yuri simplifies it so much that anyone can have results under his guidance.

Michael Angel, Australia


The mystical cloud from the last century is replaced now by scientific know how speech and simple words well delivered by Yuri Zaritski.


You can be a pragmatic scientist or a complete mystic, what Yuri is interested in is WHAT & HOW you perform technically.


Yuri is part of the team of OBE research institute of Moscow and will make you aware of the latest research and techniques for dreaming practices.