The Red Pill – NOT a beginner’s lucid dreaming technique.

Even though this is not a beginner’s lucid dreaming technique, if you understand it, you could try it! You can read a little more about the intent here.

Step 1 – Empty your mind (Red Pill – Matrix-inspired title).

We do not want a hundred horses running in all directions to reach our goal. We need one single idea that will accomplish what we want.

Step 2 – State what event will make you lucid in your next dream.

Imagine a dream scenario that has a high potential to spring the lucidity in you. Good examples are – meeting yourself, meeting a deceased person, meeting a person that tells you to become lucid.

Step 3 – Plan of action upon becoming lucid.

It is equally important to have an exciting or vital task to achieve. It adds motivation for your surface mind and gives your subconscious mind a good reason to cooperate with “YOU”.

Step 4 – Extra Information on this lucid dreaming technique.

The best moment to do this lucid dreaming technique is right before sleep, but any other time of the day is “OK”. The process should not take more than a minute. Things should be short and clearly stated in a quick manner.

Step 5 (Optional) – Humanitarian.

Please report to us your success/failure/difficulties with this lucid dreaming technique. Please state the number of trials vs successful lucidity inductions.


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