VIBRATIONS / VIBRATIONAL STAGE for Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection.

What are the vibrations, and what to do with them?
Do we actually need the vibrations, to initiate a lucid dream or an astral projection?
How does the vibrational state manifest?
What do we do when we witness them?

VIBRATIONS / VIBRATIONAL STAGE for Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection.

Vibrations & Lucid Dreaming.

The Lucid Dreaming community accepts the fact that the dream state can manifest itself in many ways. Despite their startling nature, vibrations do not disturb the learning curve of a lucid dreamer much.

Vibrations | Vibrational Stage in Astral Projection.

On the other hand, the Astral Projection community often shows a great interest in the vibrational state. It is also called the Vibrational Stage. Often thought to be necessary, the vibrations are part of the practice of Astral Projection. 

The energetic aspect of the human being is involved in this subject. The vibrations are interpreted as the subtle shifts of the energetic body to detach from its physical counterpart. During the first steps of Astral Projection, the other opinion is that the astral body is somewhat clumsy and unaccustomed to out-of-body travel. So it makes the noise! It does not just make the noise. 

Confusion about the vibrations and lucid dreaming.

The vibrations are a broad term in lucid dreaming and astral projection to describe many manifestations. 

Let’s get rid of the confusion number one! We do NOT need vibrations to have an astral projection or a lucid dream. It will be a waste of your time, to expect something that is not always there. Lucid dreamers attribute this to the shifting brain between different states. In contrast, spiritualists will attribute this to an energetic event. Regardless of your view on the subject, sometimes, you will experience the vibrations before your adventure, and more often than not, there will be no vibrational manifestations. The dream state does not have to manifest itself tremendously for you to notice it. Look for subtle changes instead of always expecting the big ones. See yourself as a detector of the shift—the shift to a lucid dream or an astral projection.

Even if you are an Astral Projector and watch this educational documentary, let’s consider the following: 

When you are in a projection, the dream machine can produce any manifestation to suit your internal dialogue or a fleeting thought. Even if you have just a handful of astral projections, you know it already. There is a direct relationship between your thoughts and the things that materialize right before your eyes.

How does the vibrational stage | vibrational state manifest? 

The dream machine or the subconscious mind has high power. The dream state can manifest itself in a million different ways. Fortunately, we similarly experience many things.

We can witness the sounds originating from inside our heads. These sounds will have, usually, a pattern of a build-up or a rise-up. The sound is increasing in volume and seems to be rising to the head. In the end, the sounds stop abruptly and sometimes conclude with a “POP.” There is another often reported “high pitch sound” that resembles the recharging flash of a camera. The electrical sound of the capacitor recharging is the closest description of it. Other times, it sounds like an earthquake in our bedroom. The quake can seem to happen within the body too. In this case, perform a reality check. If it is positive, get on with your adventure. Do not remain in bed to be scared or still wondering about what is going on. Stand up as usual as soon as you hear or feel this.

DON”T stay too long in the “vibrations”.

My number one reality check is to close the two nostrils and try to breathe through. If you do, it means you are in the dream state and are just closing your dream nostrils, while your body is still breathing.

You do not need to wait for the vibrations to stop before performing the reality check. We can do it right away upon the detection. But if they stopped, make sure, you do complete a reality check, as I have just advised you.

I know, I repeat myself. Do not wait for vibrations! This is the central message of this documentary. Instead, learn to recognize the subtle ways a lucid dream or an astral projection can manifest itself. Please take advantage of it to have more adventures.

I hope, we have cleared up a little of a mystery for today. I wish some of you will improve the success in inducing lucid dreams and astral projections; by detecting and adequately addressing the vibrations or the vibrational state.



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