Risks of Lucid Dreaming & Dangers of Astral Projection

Hi Guys,

What are the risks of Lucid Dreaming?

Is Lucid Dreaming dangerous on its own? 

What are the dangers of Astral Projection? 

Are there activities to avoid in a lucid dream? 

Are there any unexpected side effects of lucid dreaming?

You are going to get answers to these questions and much more.

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Now, let’s get the job done.

Virtually 100% safe activity.

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection are both safe activities. But there is one thing that you should never do in a lucid dream. I do not advise anyone to jump off a cliff. Equally, it is not advisable to jump off a window of your bedroom. Of course, we have our reality checks to tell us very well where we are. Reality checks make a clear distinction between the dream world and the waking reality.

Call me paranoid if you like. But, please start flying in your dreams from the floor of the room rather than jumping off your window. Take your flight from the ground rather than tempting the abyss beyond a cliff.

Do you get my point?

The Jump – part of the risks of lucid dreaming.

I will be honest with you. Sometimes I jump off the windows, balconies and cliffs in my lucid dreams and astral projections. And sometimes, I get paranoid. I doubt the dream state and execute reality checks multiple times before I start to rely on my courage to jump.

Please be responsible and take the appropriate actions to secure your safety.

The risks of lucid dreaming and kids.

In particular, if you teach your kids how to lucid dream, I think this is a matter of concern that should be addressed with care.

While we adults are careful and methodical, our kids can be reckless. So, I would advise proposing to kids to fly in the room in their dreams and not talk more than that about it! They will be flying elsewhere anyway.

Dangers of Astral Projection.

How about the dangers of Astral Projection? 

Is there a possibility to be body-snatched by a demon or some kind of astral creature?

Can the silver cord be broken?

I have experienced over two thousand lucid dreams and astral projections, or how I like to call it – The Shifts. And I am still here talking to you and teaching you how to do it.

Yes, the dream state is infinitely creative! Equally, it has the power to create situations to spook you in many ways. Or shall we be honest and say that we can frighten ourselves in many ways?

I respect the opinion of everyone. Beliefs aren’t easy to be put in a straightforward discussion. Some guys might even feel offended and sensitive if I take a stronger opinionated stand!

Our unconscious is full of information that we have gathered on our journey. There are many grandma stories and horror movies. The subconscious mind will sometimes dig into this kind of memories and manifest them in our dreams. 

The conscious mind has limited access to information. It often has no idea where did a particular situation came from. We are very forgetful for the majority of our time.

Transforming the scary into transcendental.

I have been to many scary situations. In most of the cases, I managed to transform them into beautiful experiences. Facing your fears in lucid dreams and astral projections are one of the beneficial applications of the practice of lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Do not forget that your experience is being driven by your intent. Once you become more mindful about your thought patterns, you will soon realize that it is YOU, – the source of what you experience.

I hope we managed to clear yet another misunderstanding. 



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