All the truth about astral projection & lucid dreaming.

So how all of this impacts the question of the truth about lucid dreaming? What lays behind what appears as the truth about astral projection? Do we face an empirical and repeatable reality, or are we victims of our imagination?

Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection are two closely related phenomenons that are sometimes labelled as an Out-Of-Body Experience. You will also encounter the term “the phase” used by Michael Raduga and the term “the shift” used by Youri Zaritski.

Some may argue about the differences between a lucid dream and an astral projection. Nevertheless, both experiences offer one thing in common: an infinite field of possible experiences that look and feel as real as your most aware and conscious waking moments are.

As far as the five senses of perception are concerned, both lucid dreaming and astral projection fulfil them to a 100% satisfaction. Often, practitioners will even report hyperrealistic experiences that surpass the waking levels of feeling or sensory input.

The truth about astral projection.

By definition, astral projection is an experience beyond the body and the physical world. Consequently, hard science does not find a place in this field. Nevertheless, astral projection practitioners have authentic experiences that give them empirical proof of the phenomenon. The truth behind astral projection is that an astral projector cannot prove the experience’s reality to a non-practitioner.

Anecdotes about astral projection.

The impressive part is that many astral projectors have absolutely no doubt in the truth about astral projection. After all, why should they? The experience looks and feels so real when compared with the waking reality. So why doubt it?

The fact is, we have very little understanding of our human nature, consciousness and the extension of the functions of our body. As our knowledge enlarges, the mysteries vanish.

Shared astral projection / dreaming.

Several dreamers and astral projectors report sharing their experiences with their partners and friends. Two persons share the same chain of events within the dream state or an astral projection upon awakening.
To verify this kind of experience isn’t easy without a proper setup.

Setup with a secret code can verify the validity. One of the co-dreamers or co-astral projectors reveals a personal code (Example: 123454321) to the other participant. Upon awakening, that person will have to confirm the code. This proper set up will make many people fail and waste their time. Does it disprove the truth about astral projection? Yes and no!

Does the non-physical world has to replicate our world? Maybe not! The idea of multiverse puts this necessity away.

Some astral projectors have even defined a space called “real-time zone (RTZ)” where things are close to our world. More often than not, things originate in one’s imagination and not replicable. That is what is behind the numerous claims of the truth about the astral projection.

The extension of consciousness and the possibilities are unknown. Therefore, the attitude of openness with rigour analytical thinking is a good way to go.

Discovering unknown information.

After all, everything is information. We analyse our experiences upon awakening as a memory which is information.
Many tried to discover the winning number for the grand prize failed. There is no correlation between the dream / astral world and our world, or we do not perform the task correctly.

Is the magic dead? The subconscious mind accesses information and treats it powerfully. Something impossible for the surface conscious mind is trivial to the subconscious mind. It is possible to come up with real-life solutions and answers that will appear magical.

So the truth about astral projection and lucid dreaming is that it is indeed a world of great power. We have only scratched the surface of the potential that resides in absolutely each one of us.


a fact or belief that is accepted as true

The truth about lucid dreaming.

Contrary to astral projection, lucid dreaming experiences are backed up by science now.

British parapsychologist Keith Hearne was the first to discover scientific evidence of lucid dreaming in 1975. In his research, he caught the pre-determined conscious eye movements of a lucid dreaming volunteer. He found that lucid dreams are real dreams occurring in rapid eye movement (REM) of sleep and that a REM burst consistently precedes lucidity. Doctor Stephen LaBerge became famous for replicating Hearne’s experiment and formally publishing his findings.

Is it my or your truth about lucid dreaming?

The truth is Lucid Dreaming is more than just the stuff of fantasy. It’s a state of consciousness that allows for a much richer experience of life. Lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness where we’re aware that we’re dreaming right in the dream. Many people who have experienced it find it to be one of the most genuine and vivid experiences they’ve ever had, but you might be surprised just how similar it is to reality.

The excellent news about this whole questioning is that you can now experience everything on your own by studying the Module I – Lucid Dreaming Video Course.

I often argue by saying that my reality might be very much different from yours. My experiences in the dreaming world become my memories exactly like their waking world counterparts. So what is the difference? The answer is that there is no difference. So, can we conclude that the truth about lucid dreaming is that we face real and valuable experiences? For me, it is a YES! We should NOT neglect our dream life experiences or run into the danger of having a dull life!