Let’s talk about the best supplements, diets and food for lucid dreaming & astral projection.

Have you wondered how your diet affects your lucid dreaming practice?

Is a particular type of food beneficial for lucidity? 

What are the best diets for lucid dreaming?

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Do you know which diet is better?

Let’s discuss all significant aspects of this topic, and it will help you jump up to another level of your practice.

At this moment, there is no research and how food may influence the practice. I mean actual scientific research and not some mumbo jumbo. There is a lot of data on diet and sleep.

Science tells us that there are a lot of products that help us sleep better. Especially if you consume some of them one hour before bed. For example, it could be a bit of red wine, bananas, asparagus, kiwi, fish, fresh milk, and many other things.

Let’s list the top 3 food for lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming Food n.3: Oatmeal.

Oatmeal contains tryptophan, amino acids, and carbs. These ingredients work together and help you sleep better.


Lucid Dreaming Food n.2: Nuts.

Walnuts and almonds may help to promote sleep because of the Melatonin content. They also contain healthy fats, amino acids, and B vitamins, which provide quality sleep too.

Lucid Dreaming Food n.1: Tart Cherry. 

Tart cherry contains a lot of melatonin, so you should consider it if you have problems with sleep.

Bad food for lucid dreaming.

On the other hand, when you fall asleep, it is NOT recommended to eat chocolate because of the caffeine content. Fried food will make your body struggle to digest it. Hot sauce may raise the body temperature and hence is not advisable before bed too.

Too much alcohol will ruin the sleep cycles. A little red wine could help. But too much alcohol before bed is not your friend for the practice of lucid dreaming or astral projection. Are you disappointed?

Sometimes it is a better idea to focus on the timing of the food intake. It is not a good idea to fall asleep after overeating. You should feel comfortable before falling asleep.

Lucid dreaming diet trick.

Also, there’s a trick that may help you fall asleep better and get more lucid dreams. Eat some carbs, like cookies and candies, right before going to bed. Because of the high sugar in your blood, you will fall asleep much faster. The only problem with this trick is that your blood sugar will begin to drop drastically in a couple of hours. This may ruin your sleep. 

It would be best to try this trick only during daytime naps or with a different WBTB method. This approach consists of waking up two hours before the final awakening and falling asleep again, with intent, to have a lucid dream or an astral projection.

On the other hand, if you sleep too deeply, you can try drinking coffee or eat chocolate before falling asleep.

Specific diets for lucid dreaming. 

Let’s list the top three of them for the scientific point of view.

No. 1 is the Mediterranean diet – the best food for lucid dreaming.

The Mediterranean diet takes first place and promotes healthy sleep. The Mediterranean diet mimics the eating habits of Italy and Greece. The main principles of this diet are the high consumption of fruits and refined cereals, beans, olive oil, vegetables, and fish. 

It also includes moderate consumption of cheese, yoghurt, wine, and lower fish meat consumption. It is pretty balanced and remains a good choice.

Remember! Milk contains a high quantity of tryptophan. Tryptophan undergoes synthesis into serotonin and even DMT. Serotonin is a sleep regulator. DMT is linked to dreaming in some studies.

No. 2 is the Ketogenic diet – the best food for lucid dreaming.

The Ketogenic diet takes second place as the food that benefits sleep and dreaming. 

Science proves that this diet helps to sleep better and prolongs REM sleep. And good sleep is exactly what we need. The Keto diet forces the body to use fats as the primary source of energy instead of sugar. Just try to eat only meat, eggs, cheese, milk, fish, oil, nuts, and low carb vegetables like pepper and tomato. You can have any other food too, but just a little bit.

No. 3 is the High Glycemic diet – the best food for lucid dreaming.

This diet is one of the worst if you are trying to stay in shape. It may cause diabetes. At the same time, some studies show that it’s the best diet for lucid dreaming and astral projection. It makes you much more sleepy. 

The main principles of this diet are to eat everything with a high glycemic index: white bread, cereals, honey, white rice, french fries, doughnuts, the sweetest fruit, and so on. 

Considering how dangerous the high glycemic diet is, you should not follow it on an everyday basis. But if you practice the phase just a few days per week, you may choose this diet these days. 

Some studies show – it works better when you eat high glycemic food four hours before bedtime. But my own experience shows that it works perfectly, right before falling asleep. So don’t blame me if I get too fat! I might practice lucid dreaming a little too much.

Vegetarian diet – the best food for lucid dreaming?

Sorry, but we cannot rate the vegetarian diet. The problem is that there are a few types of the vegetarian diet. People sleep differently when they start this diet and after being on it for a long time. 

For example, we can say that when you start a vegetarian diet, you ruin your sleep routine. I’m sure you have heard stories about this from your friends. In a few weeks, your sleep may get even better than before. But only if you have a wide variety in your food.

Meat diet – the best food for lucid dreaming?

So what about meat? The best sleep happens when 20% of the diet is protein. It’s not mandatory to get it only from meat. It could be from any source like beans and nuts. Actually, a few studies show that meat could severely affect your sleep, but it depends on many aspects. First of all, it’s not a critical factor. If you make mistakes during attempts to SHIFT into a lucid dream, it won’t get better because you eat meat.

How about Supplements for Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection?

Overall, I agree that the combination of Galantamine with Choline is a good one. A dose of 4 to 8 mg of Galantamine is enough. You can try with a 4mg dose of Galantamine first. It may vary depending on your body weight and your sensitivity to this chemical. 400 to 600 mg of Choline is enough.

Optionally, it is possible to partake 5-HTP to shift the REM activity to the second part of the night. 5-HTP increases the overall REM activity from 5 % to as much as 50% against a placebo group!

The rest of the supplements for lucid dreams are optional and have an impact on a lesser level. But if you are curious, you can investigate other alternatives. You will certainly find just like me that Galantamine is a clear winner.

And, of course, your technical fundamentals to induce lucid dreams and astral projections are more important than any supplement.


It would help if you understood that there’s no need for extreme changes to your eating habits. Some changes may help you a lot, but they will not help if you make major mistakes with techniques. 

Focusing on the technical aspects of the practice of lucid dreaming is a much better bet than searching for the holy grail of the best food for lucid dreaming!

Just eat a healthy and balanced diet. 

You may eat everything if you know where to stop!

I hope we managed to clear yet another misunderstanding. Eat well and fly even better!

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