What are the Galantamine benefits as BEST FOOD FOR LUCID DREAMING?
What are the Galantamine side effects?
Would you like to embark on a crazy lucid journey?
Would you like to have more than five lucid dreams in one single night?

The procedure.

Evening-pills (before sleep):

  1. GABA 500 mg packed with 2mg of Vit B6 at 23h00 to relax and sleep drowsier (I am a light sleeper).
  2. 5-HTP.

Middle-of-the-night-pills (WBTB Wake Back To Bed):

  1. Galantamind pill = Galantamine 8mg + Vit B5 100mg + Choline 200 mg.
  2. Choline pill 500mg (so a total of 700mg inc. the above tablet).

Note: My body weight is 85-95 kilograms. Some lucid dreamers partake 4 mg of Galantamine only to yield decent lucidity effects.

Results show clear Galantamine benefits for lucid dreaming.

Upon the consecutive awakenings, I witness abundant hypnagogia that is a premise for an easy SHIFT into lucid dreams and astral projections.

Without fail, the results did not disappoint the expectations! I have experienced 21 lucid dreams & out-of-body experiences during the next 4 hours. I could have done more, but the alarm clock rushed me out of bed to go to work.

Some of you may ask, – “how did you count to 21?”. And the answer is – it wasn’t easy! With my awareness fluctuating from the physical body to the dream body quickly, I kept standing up from the bed multiple times with my dream body. Each time, I would try hard to remember the previous count and add one more to that.

Some experiences were short-lived, well under one minute. Three out of 21 were significant and long in duration. I visited the moon, met a spiritual guide and shifted into a black panther. 

You can imagine how happy I was this morning. The Galantamine benefits for lucid dreaming and astral projection are without doubts.

The only nights that culminate in more than five shifts in one night are related to Galantamine partaking.

 Galantamine side-effects.

Besides the undoubtful Galantamine benefits for lucid dreaming, it is essential to note the side effects.

  1. Light-headed feeling the next day.
  2. Impression to have a restless sleep.
  3. Increased micro-awakenings.
  4. Light muscle tremors on that night.
  5. Increased excitement.
  6. Difficulty to fall asleep.
  7. Stomach cramps and increased acidity.

It helps to take Galantamine with a banana or a small snack to alleviate the stomach issue. But all the rest of the Galantamine side effects have to be managed by you!

The difficulty to fall asleep can be a challenge for the induction of lucid dreams & astral projections. In particular, the WILD or the direct method will fail if you won’t be capable of re-falling asleep after ingesting Galantamine. The lack of sleepiness is a major undesirable Galantamine side-effect!

I have found as well that the way I was behaving within the dream state was somewhat hectic! It isn’t easy to put into words what I mean precisely by saying this. But I find that my behaviour was rushing and compulsive. Maybe with enough experience, it is possible to tackle it consciously.

Frequency of usage for Galantamine benefits for lucid dreaming.

Be aware when taking any supplement. The receptors in our body can get tired of dealing with a given chemical compound. The scientific term associated with this phenomenon is desensitization

Receptor desensitization refers to the decreased responsiveness that occurs with repeated or chronic exposure to agonist and is a general feature of most signalling membrane receptors.

It is possible to take Piracetam the next day decrease Galantamine’s blood level quicker. This way, some lucid dreamers use Galantamine more than once a week.

A personal note from Lucidity 4 ALL & Youri Zaritski.

Neither Youri nor Lucidity 4 ALL advises you to venture into taking supplements to help induce lucid dreams & astral projections.

From the medical perspective, it is your responsibility to research enough the chemical compounds you decide to put in your body. We only share a personal experience and do not entice you to repeat it.

Please do not neglect the numerous Galantamine side effects while considering the real Galantamine benefits for lucid dreaming and astral projection.

From a practical standpoint, it is possible to fail even with Galantamine. It would be best to learn the fundamentals of the shift before you experiment with the nootropics such as Galantamine and Piracetam.

I often say,- “Galantamine side effect is to take you on such a fast train that you may think that you aren’t moving at all!”. You will witness such wild hypnagogia that you will firmly believe to be awakened and fail your attempts to induce lucid dreams and astral projections.



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