In dreaming, having no plan of action is like having a boat without the sailor!

One immediate linguistic precision must be made at first: we are talking about the INTENT and not the intention. Intentions can be assimilated, in simple terms, to personal wishes such as I wish to have a beautiful life, car or a holiday. There is no process involved in it other than the idea has been born at some point of time in the mind of an individual. There is no action related as well other than knowing that the idea is present. Intent, on the opposite side, is about the action related to achieve an idea, a wish or realize an intention. We can maybe assimilate the intent with the concept of will or willpower. These 2 are also illusive terms to the common human. What is “will” or “intent” is about?


An INTENT can be considered as “good”, when it contains 2 key ingredients:

1. Focused mind

2. Plenty of energy

Get yourself familiar with your thought patterns and how much clutter is in there. We do not want some astray ideas to pollute the ONE idea of interest for us. Today’s world, after year 2000, is dominated by new technologies that seem to distract quite a deal our minds. It is not that we have been focused before but today it is quite easy to see how many of us behave with an attention deficit manner a little like new born babies. Only young kids have difficulty to focus on one task for an extended period of time and they learn quickly as they grow to mature this aspect of themselves through an appropriate parenting and education. Because it is not possible to accomplish much for a distracted mind in a given area of expertise.

The personal power is how I like to call it (Yuri). It is pretty much related to the focused mind, as this clutter of thoughts and erratic thinking is pretty much energy consuming. The concept of stopping the internal dialogue has to be pretty much understood and practiced to achieve some measurable results in terms of energy accumulation by an individual. There is no limit to how much a person can gather of energy. There are also more metaphysical ways to achieve more energy by yogic practices, chi and similar. But without having to study those in depth that will require another great deal of time, it is very easy to focus on internal dialogue and erratic flow of thoughts associated with it.

Another energy drainer is “Personal Importance”. It can be more or less associated with one of the functions of an uncontrolled ego. We will not talk about the ego death in here but simply say that putting importance in how much we can be appreciated by somebody else what what we have done is a pure waste of time and energy. Sometimes we do not even need a 3rd party to fall into this trap. How much self importance can be triggered by ourselves towards ourselves? Isn’t it enough to acknowledge what has been done or not and what is the way forward? Do we need that that constant “pat on the shoulder” saying “well done!”? If you are serious in dreams or shamanic practices, you gotta get rid of that pretty fast or nothing serious will be achieved and on the contrary it can be a sure way to failure or scary situations!