Lucid dreaming secret of LUCIDITY.

You will learn now a lucid dreaming secret that I wish I knew when I started the practice of lucid dreaming & astral projection. The secret of lucidity is a secret because of inexistent mainstream education about it.

There is nothing secretive about LUCIDITY, once you learn the dream state’s dynamics in a few minutes from now. The fundamental lucid dreaming secret will be yours forever. Consider this as a turning pointing your life.

There is one self-learnt wrong information about the worlds we inhabit. We wrongly assume to live in only such a world – the world upon awakening from sleep.

We could not be more wrong than that! If “the real” is based on our five senses, then the dream world is MORE REALl than the waking counterpart.

We wrongly assume the dream world to be a waking world. We simply have never been told to do otherwise. We have learnt this as truth. Dreams are often called “Just a dream” and do not give way to a further investigation.

If you are a beginner lucid dream or astral projector, stick around! You are going to get the “red pill” that will boost your practice.

Only a lucid dreamer knows to be a dreamer while others live in a “permanent” confusion.

Misunderstanding this concept results in time-wasting efforts, frustration and less efficient Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.

Learn to SHIFT and experience multiple realities with Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.

Those who have experienced a smooth transition from waking state to dreaming state, know precisely how it feels and looks like to SHIFT or transition from one reality frame to another.

A beginner should reinforce the idea of being in a different world or environment. The practitioner seeds the concept into his psyche/subconscious to fully bloom in the dream world.

Until the beginning of the practice, the novice lucid dreamer went to sleep as a non-lucid person. The non-lucid being is a standard being accepted by “everyone”. Hence a sleeper goes to sleep to be oblivious and ignorant to the lucid state.

Non-lucid dreamer asks for a change.

The beginner lucid dreamer starts with a “system update”, and calls himself a lucid dreamer. At the core, it means that this person expects to recognize the dreams for what they are.

This concept is the lucidity secret I wanted to share with you. Sp this is the first lucid dreaming secret. And yes, there is one more!

A little bigger secret of lucidity and lucid dreaming.

Have you heard about the false awakenings? Well, you should learn about them. We often wake ourselves up into a bedroom. There is a small fraction of such awakenings which are still part of the dream world. What it means is that we dream about waking up. I let you imagine how many such “awakenings” you have missed in your life. Nobody knows the exact number, but even a hundred of such false awakening converted into lucid dreams could have been the key points of your life.

I am not here to boil up regrets in you. I want to encourage you to make the difference between dreams and waking life as part of the practice.

You must be telling yourself: “Oh God, I could have been flying to other dimensions so many times, only if I knew this before!

It is never too late, my friend!!

Now, the second secret of lucid dreaming is yours forever!

How to start recognizing more lucid dreams?

Before sleep, formulate in your mind the step that follows.

2. Wake up, preferably without moving your body and perform a reality check immediately. Choose a reality check that does not need to move the apparent body. Please watch the tutorial about reality checks to know more about them.

3. If the reality check is positive, stand up as usual – no fancy separation technique is necessary. But if you are a “separation from the body ACROBAT”, then a somersault, a bed sinking or an imaginary catapult will be your favourite beginnings of extra-dimensional worlds.

4. Upon standing up, I like to make one more reality check before I take off from a higher place. I like to start flying in the bedroom or put my hand through the wall or inside my body. This way, I really confirm where I am. I usually keep things reasonable by taking off in the room and flying off through the window rather than jumping off the balcony. But I do jump off, too, once I have confirmed with a few reality checks, and I would like to challenge my guts a little.

That is my safety advice to beginners: do not jump from the balcony as a test!

I hope you enjoyed the little secret of lucid dreaming and the second secret of lucid dreaming as well!



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