Fear of Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection – Practical Obstacle


Natural survival mechanism & an obstacle in dreaming practices and life in general.

Fear is one of the most frequent subjects brought by the students of Lucidity 4 all. Fear can be an obstacle to seamless progress and hence is worth debating.

There are many types of fear that fall into main categories, so let’s clear them up one by one. Please go to the paragraph that interests you directly if you wish so.

Fear of death.

Statistics have proved that Lucid Dreaming, Out-Of-Body Experience (OOBE) and Astral Projection are all safe from death. Youri Zaritski has had over 2000 lucid dreams and astral projections by the year 2020.

And you know what? Youri is safe and sound, teaching still the art of lucid dreaming after so many explorations.

 Youri is the living proof that this practice is safe. Many serious practitioners have done thousands of excursions and are here today to tell you the same story.

Nobody has ever died from dreaming practice and then came back to tell you that story. That would be hilarious, isn’t it?

Clinical death.

The clinical death experience involves the death of the physical body. Sometimes some individuals come back with a near-death experience. But this is a different situation altogether. In our case, our body is alive and is only ASLEEP.


The treatment to apply for fear of possession is the same as for fear of death. The statistics are our friend again. There is no data to report the relevance of this issue. Hence, it is up to you to reason yourself out of this another grandma story.

There have been probably many cases of mental disorders that have been confused with possessions in the past.

Where is my body?

It is true that when I faced the experience for the first time, it all felt like a “BIG SLAP” on my face. Here I was, standing in the dream state, and the thought crosses my mind – “so where is my body?”. Well, after I woke up, I was back to my body, safe and sound!

I accumulated more experiences over time. The “BIG SLAP” effect at the beginning of each adventure gave place to the impact of “JOY” in a limitless space where everything is possible.

Biologically, we know now that lucid dreamers and astral projectors show activity in the frontal cortex while in the REM sleeping period. An average sleeper shows activity below 40 Hz, while lucid dreamers show 40 to 80 Hz activity.

Note: 40-80 Hz frequency range was unknown till we tested the lucid dreamers. The question arises: are lucid dreamers smarter or uncover the human brain’s hidden potential?

Fear of Ghosts.

There is nobody to judge a given situation but YOU! We do not negate or advocate the reality of ghosts.

But is there a way to determine that a witness wasn’t sleeping, entering a hybrid awake-asleep state or hallucinated?

Fear of Ghosts & False Awakenings.

The false awakenings are pretty common. Many of us remember from childhood to wake up early in the morning to get ready for school, open the front door and, wake up again. Maybe you remember something similar in your life as well?

How to differentiate such memory from a waking memory of meeting a ghost?

Of course, there are other types of accounts that are as real to those persons as my experiences are to me. One thing is sure – your experiences belong to you and you will be the only judge to distinguish what is real or not. One way to know so is to check the underlying energy signature of whatever you are encountering and that is another subject all together. The difference between a mental construct and an independent creature can be of such an unsure nature. It is so easy to create something within the dream state and not being aware of it and take it for real. It is always a mix between real projections and mind projections. Only the energy signature allows to make the distinction.

But as far as menacing creatures are concerned, I have absolutely no fear towards them and why should I? One day, in one of my workshops I asked my students to imagine me encountering such a creature and I would ask it: So is this your life? Do you enjoy going scaring people? Is this really fun? Really? You guys, should have seen the reaction of the learning group, we all laughed loudly about it.


The fear of the unknown seems legitimate from the evolutionary perspective. It is much safer to take a habitual route rather than venturing into an unknown land containing unknown dangers.

On a deep subconscious level, this fear serves as a survival skill.

But in the case of sleep, this protection is unnecessary since our body is not in danger. Hence we absolutely need to create a new way of functioning in a lucid dream where the waking rules are bent.

Fall & Loud Sounds.

The fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds fall under the natural fears. It is the fears that we acquire at birth. 

A newly born child will try to catch something when tilted backwards. In the same manner, we try to catch our bed when facing the falling sensation upon falling asleep.

We are all scared of the loud sounds from birth – it is a protective mechanism. The roar of a tiger should expedite us to safety.

But in our practice of lucid dreaming and astral projection, these fears should be overcome. Especially while inducing the shift upon awakening or with the WILD method, we could be facing these sensations.

We need to reason ourselves of being already in safety – our body is sound asleep, and there is nothing to fear.

Take your own stance.

We hope your curiosity overpowers the illusionary fears, so you can get on with the amazing world of lucid dreaming tonight!

Enjoy the “I AM NOT AFRAID” – by EMINEM. I find this clip inspires the dreamers quite a bit!


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