Module I & II – “Dynamics”


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Lucid Dreaming Online Course.

Module II
: This course will give you more freedom in the execution of the approach upon awakening to yield more results = inducing more lucid dreams and astral projections. You will learn the dynamics of the dream space to maintain lucidity, prevent premature awakenings = prolong the experience and resist the dream change. You will also learn how to walk, fly, travel around the earth, in space and beyond the 3D dimension (for those who are ready to get their mind’s upside down), as well as the techniques of teleportation. You will also learn to work with your intent and the techniques of manifestation. This module will give you a greater degree of freedom to explore the dimension of lucid dreams and astral projection once you have induced the experience thanks to the techniques you have learnt in Module I.

Module I (PREVIEW): the easiest pragmatic method (approach + techniques) that will give you results within the first week if not on the first night of your induction attempts. Yes! Please expect the result to happen during your very first trials tonight!


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