Let me share with you a shamanic lucid dream. The main figure in this dream was a Black Panthera.

ENCOUNTER I – Lucid Dream with a Female Panthera

The first encounter with the black Panthera came in a Lucid Dream back in 2014. At that time, I worked as a cost control manager for an Oil & Gas company Technip in Malaysia. I have worked for this company for almost 15 years, I have learned a lot, but it was time for me to spend more time on my projects. Following the experience that I will tell right now, I have resigned from the company and undertook MY JOURNEY.


The Lucid Dream.

In the dream, which was not lucid at first, I was hunting. I was approaching a fence and looked over it. On the other side, there was a tiger on my right and a black Panthera on my left. As I passed through the fence, I startled myself with a thought: “I have only one bullet left, and there are two targets!?”

I panicked, and I decided to run away and keep the bullet for whoever reaches me first.

With my back facing the big cats, I run in the opposite direction – and this is where the LUCIDITY kicked in!

I have trained myself for years to face fears in dreams and waking life. Usually, I have a primal reaction to run away; then, I will catch myself with the reason. At this moment of realization, I heard a feminine voice that I attributed immediately to the black panther. I just knew that ir was The Panthera and that I was lucid.


Conversation with The Panthera.

The voice said: “What are you running from?”. When I turned backwards and froze – The Panthera were in mid-air jumping on me. There was no time to use any gun. My muscles and nervous system could never deliver an appropriate answer to this situation. Not even in my dreams or lucid dreams!

I had no time to think or do anything and end up on the ground with her two powerful paws pressing on my both shoulders against the ground. I felt a powerful presence from the panther, and I knew she was a SHE.

The femininity emanating from her was beyond the words – it was apparent and intense. Her strength was beyond the contact of her paws on my shoulders. I could not resist and asked her if it was “ok” to touch her, to which she agreed. I touched her chest because it was right in front of me, and I wondered how her powerful muscles feel like, and of course, I wasn’t disappointed. 

The Panthera’s muscles felt composed and supple at the same time. She felt like having nuclear power on the tips of the fingers.

“The Grace” I witnessed was beyond my imagination. Her eyes were seeing me through. Everything seemed trivial till I felt stupid to ask anything else. I told myself: “Youri, can’t you figure it out on your own?”

Not much happened other than this – I woke up shortly after. 


The CHANGE OF LIFE thanks to a lucid dream.

In the coming week, I have given my resignation letter to Technip.

Now, I am teaching Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Maths and Physics, and opened a family probiotics business. All the activities I do – are the activities that I have chosen, because I like them, rather than having money as a sole reason.

There is a parallel to draw between this lucid dream, my life and the shamanic meaning of a black Panthera.

ENCOUNTER II – Mr Panthera

This night, I was relaxed as I have eaten lots of food with cheese and meats. My tryptophan levels have indeed spiked. I also had a few beers with my wife. We congratulated ourselves on the recent family business developments.

 I went to sleep with no particular intention other than the usual reminder of who I am (= Dreamer / Shifter) and spent, as usual, a bit of time at the edge of awaken and asleep admiring the hypnagogia’s swirls of colours.

I went through the night in one stretch after this with not much memory of anything. But in the morning, around 9am to 10am, this epic dream happened.

I was sitting at the table with Mr Panthera and a bunch of other guys.

Mr Panthera was sitting right in front of me.

I was already semi-lucid. Mr Pantera announced to teach us Astral Projection and, at this moment, my awareness slapped me on the face: “Astral Projection class? I must be dreaming.” – I exclaimed. 

I was in a lucid dream NOW.

I looked back at Mr Pantera sitting in front of me with my eyes that have just been washed with the sweet-tasting awareness. I saw his eyes seeing me through – he knew lots about me, and I knew nothing of him.

He stood up and went to make a short procedure on all of us. I keep the procedure secret till I have his permission to release it publicly. But judging the size of his constant smile – I doubt he has any care to any secrecy about these teachings.

After performing this little procedure on all of us, he returned to his chair and invited all of us to start eating as if it were part of the Astral Projection class. I was eating a lot the night before, so I kept the momentum.

 One thing to note is that I wasn’t performing any technique to maintain the dream state or prevent premature awakening. I knew I didn’t have to. The awareness and lucidity were sharp. One way of putting it is: “Imagine every object around you emanating from different light sources. And all of these light sources is YOU. This is the way I felt about me being lucid at this moment. 

That same exceptional sharpness of my mind made me think of how real everything going on was. More real than THE REALl that I know!

For the first time in my life, my internal questions seemed ridiculous and unnecessary. What was going on has taken complete hold of me, and I decided to surrender to it. What else could I do to thank the situation for this Lucidity and Stability within a significant lucid dream or an astral projection?

JESUS effect.

I was finishing my bread, and right at this moment, My Pantera asked: “Youri, could you please pass me your bread?”. I agreed and handed Mr Panthera my last piece of brown bread. He curved his right hand and divided that small piece of bread into even smaller parts with his left hand. 

He ate one small piece and passed the rest to the guy next to him. This continued to make the full circle of our table. I ate a small broken piece and passed the last one to the person on my left at the end of the table.

Right after this, he asked us to Astral Project using his method. We had to hold our hands in a particular position and what was funny is that I couldn’t get it right at the beginning, but he wouldn’t correct anyone; he just smiled. 

I realized that I was not holding my hands in the correct position and quickly glanced at Mr Pantera to see if he noticed. He, of course, did notice and was acknowledging it with his eternal smile on his face.

He gave us one instruction: “Once we have projected, we had to make sure to talk only to the people from our table and not anyone else. The technique worked in no time. I felt the familiar feeling of rushing energy from the plexus and reaching the head as in many projections and shifts I have done before. The high pitch sound in the ears and head were present too. 

I opened and closed my eyes a few times while projecting, only to realize that maybe I have already projected. After all, I was already in a lucid dream. So how could I fail? I stood up from the table and realized that I ignored how the other persons looked at our table.

Mr Panthera is the black panther?

I went to see Mr Pantera as I couldn’t resist telling him about my first encounter with The Black Panther. When I started telling him about the story, his colossal smile doubled to tell me that he knew about it, and that it was him. He didn’t need to articulate it with words, because his smile has already sent the message!

Steer with my MIND.

I went around the house inspecting things, and I decided to fly instead. I started to swirl in all directions right above our dinner table, but quickly realized that there is not enough space to fly around. I, clumsily, used my hands to steer myself around the space. I knew, though, that I steer myself with MY MIND and not my arms. 

I glanced at a few guys standing around the table who were watching me with a kind of look, that said: “do you really need to do this?” I felt silly and went down.

I decided to see Mr Pantera again.

You already know.

I asked him how to travel around, and he replied: “Use doors!”.

“How about the corners” – I exclaimed.

“Yes, as well!” – he replied with a big smile.

Mr Panthera was telling me – “You know it already!” I asked him one last question: “Mr Pantera, it is so easy now to be in this dream, astral projection. But you helped us! He smiled, approached me, and performed another of his “little tricks” on me. And he just said – “you are DONE!”

I thanked Mr Panthera.

The MIND & teleportation.

I decided to experiment with changing locations – it requires control of my mind and intent. I successfully found myself in the apartment where my family lived in Ukraine. The place was a mess! As if somebody was hoarding in it. At that moment, the dream was already lasting 30 minutes, and I was getting tired. 

I had a few more adventures. I woke myself up by jumping over a cliff. I did not prepare my mind to face the precipice. It startled me and I was back to my body and waking life.

Who is Mr Pantera?

Upon awakening, I was in my hands with “the black panther experience” and “The Mr Pantera experience”. 

The surprises are not over yet. There is only one man in the history of “google” by the name of Pantera – the “secret” father of Jesus? I have never heard of this name. I am not a religious person. There is a statue dedicated to this man in Israel. Interesting, right?

A New Beginning – Lucid Dream Life

On 30th October 2017, I have my lucidity kicking in again without any particular technique, and the dream lasts again over 30 minutes. 

At the end of the dream, I decided to recontact Mr Pantera. My intention has worked out well, and I found him in a room upon opening the door. He had his familiar smile on his face that has become his identity card.

But like I said it was at the end of 30 min of lucidity, and I was feeling tired. I could not recollect much of this encounter due to the lack of focus. But the main point is that Mr Panthera has marked my life forever.

The truth belongs to you and only. It is up to you to take what’s needed and let alone what is not part of your path.

I did the most important – being honest with you while narrating the story and my inner working associated as I went through these experiences.



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