First of all, I am not special in a sense that I am not that different from you. I am as special as all of us are.
This is just to make sure that none of you take me for a guru or a master of some sort – that would be a waste of your time and a frustrating moment for me as you try to learn something from me. It happens very often otherwise, it can help at some stage with attention but more often than not it is simply counterproductive. What really works is YOU being focused at task at hand!
I have searched for guidance just in the same way as you probably do right now by visiting this website. I went to learn from different kinds of approaches, teachings and knowledge systems. I have studied Yoga -and became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. I have a penchant for the ancient shamanic practices and participated to a few Ayahuaska, San Pedro and Kambo ceremonies with South American medicine men / shamans. But my search was elsewhere: The Multidimensional Nature of our reality and ourselves in it.
I was born in Ukraine, my family has moved to France and I have migrated to Malaysia after finishing university studies in France. Malaysia is my home now where I have met my wife Teresa who is from a local tribe “Bidayuh” in Sarawak – Malaysia. We have 2 wonderful kids Ethan – Marley and Victor – Zackiel. I consider myself lucky to have tasted the Russian, European and Asian cultures and languages as it gave me a much open mind.
I have spent 15 years working in Oil & Gas industry as a Cost Controller after graduating as an IT Enginner proving to myself at that point that life can change drastically. After 15 years of working for the same company Technip Malaysia, I have given my letter of resignation in June 2015 to focus fully on things I loved which are OOBE, brewing in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and still giving some maths and physics classes to future A-level students in the French school of Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia which I was always doing for the past 20 years since I loved teaching and interacting with the new generations. My life has never been happier as it is right now. I became my own boss even in the last years working in oil & gas company as a consultant, but now even the companies I work for are mine. I understood since a long time that everything is possible and with little courage, it is all that it takes to live life simply and happily.
I also have a great passion for birds – our family was a successful breeder of parrots – we owned over 100 birds and almost all species have passed through our hands. This is why you can still find in my facebook account the acronym KLNightBird which was describing my passion for birds but also for the Out Of Body adventures by night. And yes, I had a good time in my twenties as well with the night life of the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.
Another of my passion are martial arts in general which has narrowed down to pure boxing. I love boxing for its mental games, great focus and amazing body moves besides the fitness of the body. So you can find me regularly at Alex Gym situated in Section 2 of Petaling Jaya. Alex is a Russian boxing coach  of an amazing quality. He won’t let you do anything wrong but at the same time he will take time to patiently make you progress at a steady rate. In a space of 1 year or so I was already boxing with some beginner pros which was a sign of a good progress for me. Besides boxing, Alex and me became good friends and we chat and discuss regularly dreaming practices. He is a big lover of the teachings of Don Juan himself and motivated me to push further my research into this as well. So every Tue, Thurs and Sat, you will find me without fail at his gym practicing my punches and moves with a great passion.
Today, I decided to dedicate (until I find better, but I do not think so) the rest of my life to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and Out Of Body Experience that I see as multidimensional adventures. I have spent considerable time and energy to study all of the approaches through lucid dreaming, a few knowledge systems dealing with OOBE and Astral Projection and as you can imagined I have condensed it in my own way that find the most efficient and interesting too. I have studied as well The Phase approach and I find it quite systematic and easy to teach. I was the only teacher in Moscow OOBE Reasearch Institute to teach The Phase approach in English in 2015 – 2016. But our differences in approaches and visions with Michael Raduga did not make it wait for us to separate for the best of both of us. What takes a lot of my attention and research right now are the teachings of Don Juan in the books of Carlos Castaneda – I have experienced the stoppage of internal dialogue and that is a life changer not only in this reality frame but also in any other dimensional travel. Clear mind and focused intent are unbeatable weapons for what we try to achieve in this type of undertaking in my opinion. Virtual Reality theory is another thing that tickles my mind, as the coincidences are just too many and I had precognitive dreams that I can only explain by this kind of theory or the concept of Akashik Records.
Without a doubt, in the coming decades I will be still here to rumble in many ways about the OOBE, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Virtual Reality and Multidimensional Man!
Youri Zaritski
Tel. (Malaysia) +60 12 605 26 29
Active Practitioner and Researcher Lucid Dreaming – Astral Projection  – Out Of Body Experience – Multidimensionality & Virtual Reality Theory